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  2. 67770Who is the transferor and who is the transferee in the case of an exchange transaction? The sequence of physical custody is from terminal to truck to retail outlet, but the sequence of legal custody is from the terminal to exchange partner to marketer to truck driver to retail outlet. How many transfer documents must be generated? Can one document accompany the shipment, with successive parties adding their respective names to the document upon transfer?
  3. 12433Are there different reporting requirements for refiners, importers and oxygenate blenders?
  4. 11244Is the RIN transaction report tracked daily but reported quarterly?
  5. 10929What are the recordkeeping requirements for a renewable fuel producer that uses used cooking oils and fats as feedstocks for renewable fuel?
  6. 10701How does the "active management" requirement in the definition of renewable biomass apply to land that changes status in the future?
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  2. 10/7/2014Are PBMS regulations excluded when applied to California and its conventional gasoline production? This is based on 40 CFR §80.81(h)(1) which specifically states that California refiners do not have to follow §80.46 and are allowed to use CARB methods provided they are correlated back to the EPA designated test method. Since §80.81 exempts California from §80.46, and §80.46 defines if and when §80.47 must be used, is there a regulatory requirement for California to treat CARB methods as “alternate” methods under §80.47 PBMS?
  3. 9/25/2014May 15 ppm diesel fuel ever be added to 500 ppm LM diesel fuel produced from transmix under 40 CFR 80.513? A number of railroad end users of this 500 ppm LM diesel fuel only have engines that use 500 ppm LM diesel fuel and only have one fuel storage tank on-site, which is designated for holding 500 ppm LM diesel fuel. However, due to limited availability of 500 ppm LM diesel fuel, at times it makes more sense for them to purchase 15 ppm diesel fuel instead of 500 ppm LM diesel fuel and to add the 15 ppm diesel fuel to the on-site 500 ppm LM storage tank. The commingled fuel would meet 500 ppm LM diesel fuel standards.
  4. 9/11/2013Question: Under what conditions might a renewable fuel produced under an approved pathway in the RFS regulations qualify for use in Navy applications?
  5. 8/27/2013If I certify a nonroad flexible-fuel engine under 40 CFR Part 1054, are owners and operators prohibited from using gasoline-ethanol blended fuels containing greater than 10 volume percent ethanol under 40 CFR 80.1504(a)(1) in my nonroad flexible-fuel engine?
  6. 5/1/2012Can product codes satisfy the product transfer documentation requirements set forth at 40 C.F.R. 80.1503(a)?
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